Our Mission

On May 12, 2012 Austin Brashears finished what is one of the most epic stories of all time: his life story. He lived colorfully and beautifully during his 21 years and painted pictures all over the world of his kindness, generosity, and positive spirit. We have decided to begin the stage of moving forward to embark on a grand adventure to create new memories with Austin every day. It can be something as little as trying a new flavor of coffee or going underwater go-cart racing in his honor. We invite you to play with us, laugh with us, and take risks with us. We encourage you to put your Austin foot forward and begin to live with Austin and his energetic spirit as your guide.

He needs our help to finish his epic adventure.

We’ll be posting our adventures here for you to read and hopefully be inspired by, but we want to hear from you too! When you do something amazing and incredible or just a little something you know that Austin would LOVE or appreciate, throw on your Austin merch (v-neck, tank, or bracelet) and take a picture! Write up a post and email it to us at doitforaustin@gmail.com and we’ll share it with everyone!

Have a great Austin Adventure Day,

Sage, Brittany, Cole, & Shannon

The Family

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Backpacking through Italy!

"Your life consists of countless chapters. So what if this was a bad one? That doesn’t mean the book is going to be bad, you just have to keep reading.”

Austin’s accident was one of the first ‘bad’ chapters in my life that still stings to reread. Thankfully, a little bit of Austin’s spontaneous, charming memory is pumped through my veins with every adventure I've been on throughout my trip abroad! While I have written numerous chapters since his passing, there are a few notable ones that his memory has really made a huge impact on.

The most recent adventure we’ve gone on together was a week and a half backpacking trip through Italy! Our adventure started after about two weeks of being in Vienna; I was sitting on the subway (wearing my favorite Austin tank) with two of my friends when we passed the train station ticket office. Instantly, I had a huge urge to get out of Vienna and see some more of Europe before my schedule would be restricted by classes. The next thing I knew I was back in my dorm room packing my bags with a one way ticket to Venice, Italy in hand!

Here are just a couple of the pictures from our trip! Enjoy Austin Lovers!

(P.S. I apologize for my handmade sign)

During a tour of the Colosseum (Rome, Italy). 

Outside of the Basilica di San Pietro after visiting The Vatican & Sistine Chapel (Rome, Italy).

Austin helping me hold up the Leading Tower of Pisa! (Pisa, Italy)

Before our Gondola ride in Venice, Italy (Sorry, my first sign wasn't legible)! 


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