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On May 12, 2012 Austin Brashears finished what is one of the most epic stories of all time: his life story. He lived colorfully and beautifully during his 21 years and painted pictures all over the world of his kindness, generosity, and positive spirit. We have decided to begin the stage of moving forward to embark on a grand adventure to create new memories with Austin every day. It can be something as little as trying a new flavor of coffee or going underwater go-cart racing in his honor. We invite you to play with us, laugh with us, and take risks with us. We encourage you to put your Austin foot forward and begin to live with Austin and his energetic spirit as your guide.

He needs our help to finish his epic adventure.

We’ll be posting our adventures here for you to read and hopefully be inspired by, but we want to hear from you too! When you do something amazing and incredible or just a little something you know that Austin would LOVE or appreciate, throw on your Austin merch (v-neck, tank, or bracelet) and take a picture! Write up a post and email it to us at doitforaustin@gmail.com and we’ll share it with everyone!

Have a great Austin Adventure Day,

Sage, Brittany, Cole, & Shannon

The Family

Monday, October 12, 2015

Adventures in Colorado

I just wanted to share this Flipgram video of my spontaneous adventures in Colorado! I took a literally last minute flight out and spent three days Doing It For The Story! Climbing Castle Rock (the namesake of the city), hiking the Garden of the Gods (incredible rock formations in Colorado Springs), riding world's longest water slide (1000 feet long) and even having time to check out some of the grad schools I'm considering was all in Austin sprit. Something super cool that made me think of Austin was that as soon as I got off the plane, I saw banners all over the airport for "Colorado School of Mines" which, although it's main focus is obviously mining, it advertised coursework and programs in renewable energy and sustainability, it was pretty cool and made me think of his goals in that field! I've had the privilege of going back to Colorado again since than, and I'll be traveling more this month for Law school tours, making sure to Do It For The Story with every adventure I can get my hands on! Click on the link to watch a short clip of my adventures!  http://flipagram.com/f/bUHvptllJu

Adam Stanton

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  1. That was great and looks like so much fun. Thanks for sharing it with us all.